May 2, 2017

Working in a comfortable environment has a significant impact on the performance of your business, but above all on the mood with which we relate to work every day.

This aspect is gaining importance if we think of an international context, as well as large Italian groups.

In recent years, the realization of new palaces or districts is significant from this point of view. Examples of this are the skyscrapers of CityLife, the new Microsoft headquarters, and particularly in Italy, the spread of new ways of approaching the world of work such as coworking or renting a temporary office in Milan. It is in these contexts that location is taking on a major role in organizing workspaces.

Why work in a comfortable work environment

We spend a third of our days in the place where we work, so it becomes fundamental that the environment in which we practice our business is as comfortable as possible. A comfortable office in the relationships that are being created, but also in its environments, brings its employees to live well during the working day and to produce more. This produces benefits not only directly to the worker, but above all to the company.

In this context, the working environment of coworking is inserted: an ideal location for working carefree in a pleasant work environment, where the comparison of different professionalism is one of its distinctive features.

Donatello Coworking: like working from home!

Being part of Donatello Coworking is like working from home: why? They are made available to the coworkers, spaces equipped with all the comfort necessary to feel at home.

For Example the coworking kitchen, available to all members and equipped with refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle and American coffee machine. Or just like the Phone Booth room, for all your private and business calls, as if you were away from another room to make a phone call. What makes you feel even more at home is access 24 h and 7 days a week, just as if you had the keys, but with greater security: a 24-hour video surveillance environment. If you are concerned about the costs, you can rest assured that the coworking in Via Donatello is a coworking in Milan at competitive prices. Utilities, internet connection and telephone line are free! To find out more, we recommend that you check out our price list.

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