The Donatello Coworking: features

The Donatello Coworking is just a few steps far away from Piazza Piola, the heart of the Città Studi’s district of Milan. The design space is developed in 350 sqm mainly open space, with some private offices withe glazed walls. It is part of the offices and digital agencies of Via Donatello 30. The coworking in Città Studi comes from the idea of ​​giving space to digital freelance and start up, sharing spaces, ideas and know how and thanks to the coworking community, promoting networking and contact exchange activities.

Within the coworking space there are three meeting rooms, with 6 to 12 seats, with 50 inches screen and HDMI connection, Ultra-fast fiber internet connection and a fully equipped kitchen where tea and coffee are always available. Accessing to the Donatello Coworking is simple, there are monthly desk locations and individual entrances with standing desk and meeting rooms for hours or days to rent.

Key-Onethe Milanese digital factory, since years a landmark for many companies, SMEs and professionals, is the Donatello Coworking space promoter. The digital agency in Milan has a technology DNA combined with strategic skills, and this result in a winning mix that has led Key-One to take a leading role in the Italian and European digital market. In Via Donatello 30 in Milan, 7 companies focused on the development and implementation of web solutions have been working together for a long time, thus giving life to an integrated digital ecosystem.

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