Services and Benefits of the Coworking

The Donatello Coworking is entirely computerized, with Wifi Fiber connection, h24 access to desks and more.


Donatello Coworking offers WiFi network with Ultra-fast fiber internet to quickly navigate your ideas and to access spaces via the App.

Meeting room

Meeting room of the coworking can host from 6 to 12 people, and you can book it through the online calendar available on your personal profile of access of the Donatello Coworking.

phone booth

For business and private calls there is available to everyone the coworking Phone Booth room,
the conference call room for coworkers who want to communicate in peace and privacy.


The coworking kitchen is available to all members and is equipped with refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle and coffee machine

Locker with key

The coworking space has locker with keys of the dimensions 35x50x45cm, available to each coworker. Useful to store PCs, notepads, pens for day-to-day management of your business.


You can get access to the Donatello Coworking h 24 and 7 days a week, the entrance is fully automated through a Mobile App for smartphones, available for iOS and Android devices. The application and access credentials are provided at the first login.

FULL HD 24/7

To work safely inside the Donatello Coworking, there is a high-definition, night-time, closed-loop video surveillance system in space. It is active h24 and 7 days a week for the safety of coworkers day and night.