May 8, 2017

Organizing corporate events or meetings can be very addictive, but at the same time very stressful. Finding the right location is the first step you can take, but it can really be very complicated. The meeting room of your company can be perceived as “a bit narrow”, which is why external solutions are often used. The demand for meeting rooms in Milan and rooms for the organization of corporate events has been increasing in recent years. The market has become increasingly competitive and the reference audience is increasingly demanding. The Donatello Coworking is part of the thread, proposing the rent of meeting rooms starting from 200 € and rooms starting from 14 €.

How to choose a Meeting Room

According to a survey recently conducted by Meeting-hub, a 50-seat meeting room in Milan costs on average € 543.50.  Milan has been the most expensive city in Italy from this point of view, and for this reason to be able to organize an event that has the right location, but that should not be at the same time economically costly, may require a weighted choice and lead to the evaluations of different options. The Donatello Coworking is the ideal location for business meetings and meetings, but it is perfect also for courses, workshops in an exceptional setting where start-ups and businesses meet. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate different elements when choosing a location so that it can make space a real point of reference for its guests.

Choosing a meeting room in coworking. Why?

Loyalty to an already well-known environment can make the experience that you are experiencing at the moment more enjoyable: whether it is a meeting, a workshop, or a course. If I have lived in that environment a positive experience during a business event, I will be much more happy to attend a training course or a meeting there. Coworking thanks to its wide spaces and family atmosphere creates a much more enjoyable work experience on an emotional level. Therefore, it can also be used for corporate team building events. This type of activity strengthens team spirit by stimulating the ability to work in groups; this is best done if the available location is placed in a much more relaxed environment. To find out more about the Donatello Coworking and the solutions, which best suit to your needs, you just have to visit our site.

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