March 15, 2017

Why renting a meeting room in Milan?

The search for a single desk, a room for a conference call or a meeting room in Milan is seemingly a simple task nowadays, but coworking spaces are the right solution only if they could garantee maximum technical support. Donatello Coworking provides the rental of meeting rooms as a one-time solution or as a benefit for coworkers, who have decided to plan their workstation desk access monthly, in combination with the offered services.

Co-working ist the future, but under which conditions? It is essential that a shared workspace is capable of giving professionals everything they need to do their jobs and put their own talent in place, especially when it comes to complex areas such as the digital.

A coworking for startups and freelancers

Professionals occupied in temporary collaboration, newborn startups, posted workers, or freelancers: the rental of meeting rooms in Milan represents a unique opportunity to carry out projects, in therefore designed areas and without distractions. This kind of environment also promotes collaboration between professionals and is able to create interesting business and networking opportunities.

A conference room in a context like that of the co-working increases productivity, provides flexibility and allows you to get rich from a professional, and why not, human point of view.

The rental of meeting rooms is essential to show professionalism and to avoid the typical inconveniences of a makeshift space. For those who need to run a brainstorming meeting with members or employees or for those looking for a quiet and yet dynamic place accessible h24. For those looking for a location to conduct interviews for their fledgling business or to expand their team, but have no physical business location yet.

Coworking meeting room in Milan

What makes really effective a coworking space? Desks can be found everywhere, but what really distinguishes a simple shared office from a very complete structure, is the space arrangement. The most important element, in addition to essential facilities (such as fiber connection, hygiene / relaxation areas, desks), is undoubtedly the presence of a meeting room.
At the Coworking Donatello in Milan, Città Studi, you can rent meeting rooms per hour (20.00 €) and meeting rooms for 10 hours ( 160,00 €). Thanks to a flexible organization of the coworking space, you can also rent meeting rooms for a day or purchase customized entrance packages (price to be agreed with the staff). To request a customized quote for a fully equipped meeting room in Milan contact Donatello Coworking or visit us in Via Donatello 30 Milan (M2 Piola, M1 Loreto and Lima).

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