March 24, 2017

Shared offices: an opportunity for new digital professions

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” For Henry Ford working together was a key element of success. Over the years, nothing has changed. Being together in a working environment by sharing spaces and opinions is still a source of growth and development for both, individual professionals and larger groups.

Donatello Coworkingis part of a context in which the sharing of space and ideas can stimulate personal and professional growth. Our structure makes it possible to work in shared offices in Milan, available not only for freelancers in search of a location for sharing, but also to the most innovative start-ups looking for a digital coworking experience in Milan.

Freelancers and Startups: our coworkers

Coworking means testing one selves every day, taking advantage of the opportunity to create a network of contacts through the sharing of space and knowledge.
The coworking space in via Donatello in Milan not only offers all the useful services usefull to realise a business to professional freelancers and startups that are looking for a digital coworking experience in Milan, but also the opportunity to create a professional network. By sharing the workspace, coworkers get to know each other, discuss and develop new projects.

Coworking as a space for new digital professions

Over the years, the new digital professions are playing an increasingly important role in the labor market.
The number of freelancers, startups and digital professionals is growing steadily. In this context, the new working spaces are fundamental for networking, sharing and developing ideas.

A quid is given by the support of Key-One, an affirmed digital partner for large companies for years, and mediator between professionals and networking. Key-One acts as the glue between professionals and new digital talents. Thanks to this collaboration, a series of events dedicated to digital communication and more, are scheduled at Donatello Coworking: Milan’s coworking is preparing to welcome new events in a young and dynamic environment, constantly oriented towards technological development.

If you are looking for shared offices in Milan, you just need to become a member of Working Donatello in order to have the opportunity to collaborate with web professionals and to become part of our community.

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