March 23, 2017

Day office in Milano: the opportunities

In a city dedicated to business as Milan, there are many professionals who seek daily to rent a desk, The answer to this need is the day office, but what is it? The day office in Milano is the ideal solution for professionals or freelancers who need
a temporary desk or office for hours/days, in a dynamic environment and closely linked to the digital marketing world. The Donatello Coworking in the heart of the area of Città Studi, presents itself not only as a shared office, but also as a “breeding ground” for the emergence of real business network in the digital area. The new collaborations and constant involvement in other professional projects are on the agenda. In fact, it is in the nature of co-working, reconciling the needs and stimulate cooperation between digital experts.

Day offices in Milan

The day offices in Milan are numerous, but few realties are able to offer professional opportunities for growth and collaboration. In addition to the essential tools to work (such as computers, fiber access, phone booth and meeting rooms), a coworking in Milan must accommodate and feed the projects born within it. The Donatello Coworking is born with this regard and intends to professionals both as shared office, and as a support structure for the creation of business networks. The spearhead of the coworking is the conference room for rent, perfect not only for short meetings and for talks, but also to accommodate much more complex processes, like brainstorming or to start a startup. In addition to meeting rooms, the coworking also offers several desktop workstations perfect for individual and freelance professionals of the digital industry.

The coworking as an opportunitie of business network

The day office is not just a desk to rent in Milan: it is a melting pot where many different resources can come together to achieve shared goals, putting their skill and knowledge to the service of the working group. At the Donatello Coworking in Milan Città Studi you can rent desks and meeting rooms for hours or for days. Thanks to the flexible organization of coworking, it is also possible to arrange customized plans to be agreed with the staff.
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