March 29, 2017

Jobs opportunities in a coworking

Attitude and behaviour. We often hear about them in the world of work. However, what is the difference between them? They are key elements to expand job opportunities and for the development of job opportunities in coworking?
While the attitude involves the preparation of our mind towards certain ideas, values, peoples and systems, the behaviour is the actual manifestation of feelings and thoughts, through verbal or nonverbal actions.
Coworking has revealed itself as the ideal context for developing these characteristics that today are essential elements in the search for job opportunities. . In a single place, there are different personalities with unique and diversified life and work experiences, which meet each other; the comparison between these personalities, favors the manifestation of the attitudes and the development of proactive behavior for the growth of job opportunities.

The importance of a digital interlocutor

The strength from this point of view for the Donatello Coworking is the presence of a neighbor as a Key-One, affirmed digital partner for large companies, SMEs and professionals since years. The great attention towards people and the community is the main point of encounter between the digital factory and the coworking in Via Donatello.
Not only Key-One, but also other companies increased in the world of digital innovation fit into the context of the Donatello Coworking, representing a unique opportunity to build ties and beneficial partnerships.

Shared workspace for SMEs

The shared workspace is the ideal solution for both freelance and for SMEs, to develop and highlight their distinctive elements, but also to create value. From what element should we start from to create value if not the people? The latter developed the conditions that favor the emergence of new partnerships between professionals and established companies in the industry, through relations, the exchange of knowledge, skills and competencies. Work from home, in isolation, is now a distant memory: the structures that allow people to work in shared spaces with technological tools enable professionals, start-ups and companies to compete, enhance the knowledge and get involved day after day. The community of Donatello Coworking in Milan has puts at the center of his mission his coworkers by providing an innovative environment in which they can enhance their skills and update professionally to create new job opportunities.

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