June 13, 2017

Workshop #SaiDiSEO at the Donatello Coworking

Being present on the search engines may seem apparently simple, but actually, it requires the utmost attention and professional dedication. Who is in the sector knows that content plays a crucial role from this point of view, so it is crucial to keep it up to date. Donatello Coworking hosted in Milan the course #SaiDiSEo SEO, during which a series of topics related to the importance of content and positioning on search engines have been discussed.

Sai di Seo

Search engines positioning

During the coworking workshop, we talked about the new Google algorithms and how websites are indexed and positioned within the search engines. Talking about indexing or positioning a website means talking about two different things. However, the two terms are often confused in the common language even by “jobseekers”, for this reason it is crucial to remain constantly up-to-date with detailed training courses.

UX and UI the difference

If explaining to your customers the difference between indexing and placement may be difficult, trying to explain the difference between UX and UI and their relevance might seem impossible. Both User Experience and User Interface have a key role in designing a website, but what are they and how do they stand out? User Experience design is the set of activities (site usability, intuition, etc …) to be done within a website to enhance user navigation experience, but User Interface design concerns all elements regarding the graphic interface of the website. Both are two faces of the same coin that will conduce to a functional website.

How to start a blog

If the functionality and the graphic layout of a website are important, the content is the King inside it. For this reason, you often need to implement your site with more textual content. In this regard, Donatello Coworking can count on an exceptionally close neighbor: Key-One, the digital media factory in Milan, has been dealing for more than ten years with content marketing and publishing activities for several customers. Not only, the Donatello Coworking has the opportunity to meet industry professionals who have chosen to rent a desk and deal with us on these topics and much more! If you are asking how to start a blog, how to deepen many topics related to the digital world, Donatello Coworking is what your case is!

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