July 12, 2017

Organizing an event requires patience, organizational spirit, but above all, great care in choosing the right location. The Donatello Coworking in Milan is the ideal location for events, training courses and workshops, among which one of the most interesting is the photography workshop. These can be a unique opportunity for neophytes to deal with craft professionals, and a great opportunity to let your background know for professionals who want to organize one.

Photography courses in Milan

City of communication and design, Milan is the perfect city to organize photography courses. Although Instagram, the social network dedicated to photography, has exceeded 700 million active users, the demand for participation in professional photography courses is always very high. The Donatello Coworking is located few steps away from Milan’s M2 Piola metro line, so it is well connected and easily accessible. The large and bright space can accommodate different types of events both during the day and in the evening.

Digital photography course in Milan

Another point of strength of the Donatello Coworking is the presence of one of the most important digital agencies in Milan – Key-One, the first digital factory in Europe. What better context for a digital photography course? The potential of digital photography can only be highlighted through a course held by a professional in the industry. If it is true that the skill is in the eyes of someone who can capture an instant or a particular situation with a click, it is also true that knowing the tricks of the craft is never a mistake.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras have almost completely replaced analogue machines. However, many features of digital machines have remained similar to those of roller machines, while digital photography is still having unique elements. Many photographers, even the most experienced ones, have had difficulty in switching from analogue to digital photography, so for this reason, among the most organized photography courses there are also those for experts who want to get impatient with digital cameras.
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