March 8, 2017

A shared office for working women

Milan is a city on a human scale, but not only. Milan is above all a city for working women. The latest ISTAT data on increases in employment, indicate that the new occupied are 160,000 against 41,000 men. In recent years, the number of working women engaged in skilled occupations has grown significantly, while men continue to prefer technical occupations or mostly related to entrepreneurship. Among women who have managed to make their way into the world of work, those who have developed their profession in marketing and communication, do stand out.
The majority of adult women in Milan is part of a professional market, within which they were able to create direct and indirect job opportunities. Among the latter is the possibility to work in a shared office.

Who uses coworking spaces in Milan?

Office and workspace sharing affects the development of working relationships positively, for this reason, the community of Donatello Coworking stands as a central hub for the creation of a business contacts network and not only.
The choice of the co-working mode has grown and developed considerably in recent years, both from the point of view of the offered professional services and the involved professionalism. Graphic designers as well as communication and event professionals(categories that are more likely to work in a shared office), are being joined by different professionals, such as doctors, psychologists and many others. Women especially prefer the working environment of coworking, as it is flexible and adaptable to different working requirements.

The community as a networking opportunity

Working in a shared office means having the possibility to create collaborations by sharing experiences and knowledge for a steady growth. Sharing the workspace and creating a real community represents the occasion to share ideas, projects, having the opportunity to improve the business, through comparison and the possibility to be inspired by other coworkers. Individuals who become part of a community in order to develop their contacts: coworking is that and much more. On the international women’s day, and for the whole week, Donatello Coworking offers 20% discount on monthly plans and inputs. To learn more, please check our price list.

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