June 29, 2017

What job will we have in 2020?

According to a survey recently conducted by EY, by 2020, there will be no professionalism capable of combining mathematics, computing and business, with a wide-ranging business vision. The news resumed by EconomyUp also shows how the contamination of different occupational skills will become more and more important. Which environment best suits the exchange and comparison of professionalism, if not that of coworking? Let’s see together what job we will have in 2020 and how to get ready prepared at this time.

New job opportunities

Having up-to-date new skills is the only way to succeed in approaching new job opportunities in the best way. The survey highlighted the changes introduced by digital transformation to understand what the professions of the future are. Proficient professional figures will need to be able to extract useful information from large amounts of data by capturing the opportunities offered by technological innovation. To make this happen, it is necessary to work in an environment that is stimulating and which favors the comparison between different professional figures.

New jobs in coworking

The chances of meeting a mathematician, a computer technician and a manager, in coworking, increase substantially. Together with these opportunities, also the opportunities of growing their know-how increase, in order to create new meltin pot professions. The survey highlighted how companies that invested in talent enhancement and growth strategies have achieved excellent results: 85% had better financial performance, 77% optimized the strategy. What is to be noted is that over 45% of businesses have not taken any initiative to welcome innovation-driven incentives. This last point is useful in understanding the importance of experimenting with alternative working methods and deepening this issue by 2020.

Working in coworking

Coworking is born as a space where businesses and freelancers can meet to develop new business opportunities. Working in an environment that is not only comfortable but that can also stimulates production capabilities is essential for companies to reach contamination of knowledge in different areas by 2020.
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