April 5, 2017

Donatello Coworking, located in the heart of the district Città Studi and a short walk away from the bus stop M2 Piola, today will talk about some of the most interesting events proposed by Fuorisalone 2017 Lambrate Ventura. The freelancers and professionals who chose to rent desk in the Donatello Coworking, will be able to reach quickly some of the most exciting stages of the long-awaited event in Milan. From 04 to 09 April, in a number of locations including Lambrate Ventura, there will be numerous events related to furnishing and industrial design, but also to tech, automotive, telecommunications, fashion, art, food and much more. In this location, 128 exhibitors will present their vision of design divided into five macro-topics: Highlights, Home and Living, Materials, Young Talent and Kid’s Choice.

IKEA Festival, Let’s Make Room for Life

Officina Ventura 14, via Privata Giovanni Ventura, 14: the 2017 edition of the Fuorisalone Lambrate Ventura brings a festival signed by the Swedish brand IKEA. The event starring is the living room as a place to meet and merge the beating heart of every home. IKEA Festival presents, through interesting collections and events, his vision on the future of living, increasingly modular and connected. The smart furniture for the living room is the common thread that runs through all the meetings organized by the Swedish brand, which you can find here.

Street Food Experience 2017

Fuorisalone Lambrate Ventura 2017 makes room for the street food: from april 4 to 9, from 10 to 22, the Ventura Garden host the event Street Food Experience. Here visitors can enjoy Italian and international street food, in different form: gourmet, rustic or ethnic.  Furthermore, from noon to 15, distinguished chefs from around the world will interpret in their own way some of the most popular street food dishes, representing them in version of haute cuisine. The appointments in the afternoon, dedicated to fans of the food business, will present as guests some promising startups in the industry.

Posthuman – When technology embeds society

At the spazio Logotel, in via Ventura 15, visitors con find a number of very interesting meetings on artificial intelligence and the relationship between man and robot. The event, curated by Susanna Legrenzi and Stefano Maffei, revolves around the installation of Maria Yablonina, three robots able to build, climb and move around using environmental sensors. The exhibition will also illustrate future scenarios in which the AI ​​will have plenty of space in human life, enough to establish itself as a “new species” in coexistence with the other.

Anthropocene, by Subalterno1

The gallery Subalterno1 presents Anthropocene, an exhibition that describes the complex and articulated relationship between the human species and nature, through a series of artifacts and conceptual works. In a tropical diorama, hybrid objects tell the dialogue between human activity and the environment, a dialogue characterized by balance and conflicts. The exhibition, including lots of projects by internationally renowned designer, is curated by Stefano Maffei and Marcello Pirovano, while the director of the Gallery is Andrea Gianni, architect and self-producer.

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