May 18, 2017

We talked more than once about how important it is to work in a shared office, not just to allow companies and professionals to reduce costs in having a fixed office but at the same time to share know-how and new business opportunities. Shared workspaces have risen in Italy over the past 2 years, but what are the coworking prices in Milan? How much does it cost to rent an office or a workstation?

How much does a coworking in Milan cost?

Choosing an office in coworking does not have to happen hastily, but it has to consider many factors such as location, space arrangement, services offered, and the type of companies and professionalism that can be accommodated inside. All of these factors are fundamental to outline the prices of the different types of services offered. A coworking station in Milan has an average cost of ranking from € 100 to € 390 per month. The price varies according to the chosen entry type and the location.

Prices coworking stations

The Donatello Coworking is extremely competitive in the market by offering a diversified supply. It offers different entry modes to the stations:  from office desks starting from € 80, to the standing desks offering the opportunity to have a 5-hour monthly meeting room up to the 20-hour weekly plan for € 99 and the monthly plans for € 120 and € 140, even these with many connected benefits. In addition, for the month of May the promotion, 2×1 is activated with a month at the price list and the second free!

Prices coworking entrance

Among the proposed access modes is the one for single entrances, for which the coworking of Milan in Via Donatello stands out in the different types of entrance: from the daily entrance for € 19, to the weekly entrance for € 70 to the single entrance from 10 € to € 145.  In addition, you can rent an entire private office at 360 € and the meeting rooms from 14 € to 80 €. The Donatello Coworking offers not just competitive prices, but also the ideal location to organize events in Milan, parties, meetings, workshops, courses, exhibitions and photographic shooting.

Why is working in coworking an advantage?

If you think of the costs to consider if you want to work in a rented office, you need to calculate: administration fees, charges for power line, telephone, WiFi, etc…The prices offered by the Donatello Coworking are including all services offered as: WiFi Fiber, Phone Booth Room, Key Locker, H24 Video Surveillance Service and much more. To find out more about all the services and access you can visit our site and contact us.


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