May 24, 2017

In the week from May 22 to 26, Milan promotes the “agile work” week: a whole week in which we try to reconcile quality of life with good work. How to do it? Save time in travel, work with less stress and experience new ways to work better. What better opportunity to know about our coworking? The Donatello Coworking joined the week of “agile work” promoted by the City of Milan by providing eight workstations free of charge.

Coworking in Milan

During this week you will be able to experience new agile working methods for one or more days a week, up to a maximum of five. How? Either by working in a location that is different from the traditional one, or by choosing a coworking post. Many coworking in Milan have taken advantage of this initiative to make their positions available. Our coworking has always promoted the interests of workers, so they could not avoid joining this initiative.
Among the other possible ways of participating, there is the possibility for some companies to act as tutors to other companies who want to know different realities from them. In addition, you can join by organizing an event that has the theme of agile work at your home.

Working in coworking

Having flexible working arrangements in terms of time and place is a demand for many employees that different companies in the world are taking more and more into consideration. Solutions from this point of view are also being studied in Italy, so that productivity increases directly in proportion to the worker’s well-being. For this reason, working contexts such as coworking arise, where businesses and freelancers can meet to develop new business opportunities. Working in an environment that is not only comfortable but reassuring the tranquility and care of the home wall is a challenge for many companies.

Coworking and agile work

There are many affinities between coworking and agile work that cannot go unnoticed. This week can be an opportunity not only for companies who make their own spaces available, but also for workers in different sectors who can meet in a common space. For five days, an employee may find himself working on the same post with the CEO of the company he is working for, or with a company worker totally different from the one he is working for. To find out more about Donatello Coworking you just have to visit our site and contact us to find out more about all the services offered.

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